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Introduction: How to Build a Simple Sub Box

Building a box for your subwoofer is one of the best ways to put your peronal touch on a car''s a basic cubic box or a precisely designed kerfed / ported box, making sure your sub gets the appropriate enclousure for your needs can make a world of difference.

This step by step shows the process to build a basic sealed box.

In my case, I picked up a sub/amp/box combo on Craigslist for pretty cheap, however the box was slightly too big to fit into the trunk of my 1997 240sx (only a 15""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""teacher-notes""project-section project-section-inner teacher-notes-section""project-section-title""js-comments""project-section-body""project-section-actions""btn btn-lg btn-large btn-yellow js-add-note""gpt-ad-infeed-leaderboard""gpt-ad leaderboard-sized-ad""step1""step""SBZJ4I2H159ZKIH""step-title""step-body"" x 16""
Keep in mind the thickness of materials -  3/4""
8.5 x 14.5 x 14.5 = 1787 Divided by 1728 = 1.03 cubic feet

*Depth of the box should be judged by the depth of the subwoofer + 2""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step2""step""SOZJ9WLH159ZKOV""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""Materials""""step-body"" MDF boards - pretty standard unless you are using a much larger or multiple subs
Circular Saw or Table Saw -  or have Home Depot / Lowes cut them for you (make sure they stick to your measurements!)
Tape Measure
Straight edge / Ruler
1/2"" Sheet Metal Screws
Wood glue or Liquid Nails
Silicone Caulk
Carpet - if preferred (found at auto parts stores / hobby stores)
Spray Adhesive - if preferred
Speaker Terminal Cup (found online / eBay)
Compass / Circle Template / screw, pencil & string combo
Box Cutter / Razor

Step 3: Marking Your Edges

DIY Couch Plans Zoneshow to DIY Couch Plans Zones for With my design in mind and materials in place, I can begin marking my edges.

I used the boards to mark out a 3/4""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step4""step""S6RLAYAH159ZKVH""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""Pilot Holes""""step-body""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step5""step""SBSAXPKH159ZKWF""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""Finding Center""""step-body""lip"" diameter circle. So I also made cross marks between my "" and measured half that from the center point.  I marked those measurements on my cross lines. (sorry, no picture)

Placing a nail in the center point, tying a string around the nail and to a pencil, I used those marked cross points to guide me as I created a perfect circle. (sorry, no picture)

*If you can find a template, this process will be much faster!*

Step 6: Cutting the Circle

Cutting the circle can be the harder part of this entire process, unless you use a Router or something better.

I used a jig saw. By drilling a large hole inside the circle I just drew, I can get my saw blade in and start cutting. It''t worry about covering the holes, you will cut those out later.

When you get to the final side and the carpet edges meet, use a razor blade / box cutter and cut along the edge, trying your best to make it seemless. (this is where making sure you glued all the way to the edge is important)

Same process goes for the sides. You may have to cut some extra material off before you start, but make sure your material reaches the edge, spray the box and carpet then apply. Use your razor blade along the edge to cut off the excess.

Step 8: Finishing Up

Use the razor to cut out your holes for the sub and speaker terminal. Connect your wires from the terminal and to the sub. Center the subwoofer and screw that down

Step 9:

Now my tiny for 1 last update 2020/07/10 trunk can accomodate my $100 budget system. Enjoy!Voila!
Now my tiny trunk can accomodate my $100 budget system. Enjoy!

Step 10:

Here''s a very modest set up compared to my last system (2 Alpines, I also had 2 Kickers before that). If you''ve seen people use a 2"" circle port, made out of PVC. Just make sure everything is sealed (liquid nails or silicone).


8 years ago on Step 7

very nice my friend. I was wanting to do something like this but instead be a portable sound system. not to be rude, but I think you meant to put "" I just thought I''t start complaining about it later. but I found this very helpful. thanks :))


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the correction, sir. I didn't catch that one. Updated!

Da Nugesta

8 years ago on Introduction

Absolutely amazing job! Made it look so easy :) I have built a few boxes in my time (Alpine 8, Mutant 12 and my latest was an 18 inch Fi BL!) Those are the ones that spring to mind.. You have done a much better job! Keep up the great work and possibly do more subwoofer instructables :)